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Concentrating on designating and locating services, which are the foundation for civil engineering and civil construction, we understand that the design and subsequent construction rely on our data and that accuracy is paramount to the final product.

Quick facts
Projects completed per year
Acres of Quality Level "B" utility mapping projects per week
Quality Level "A" test holes per week
LF of CCTV inspections per week
Days without a recorded accident
of the 90 Virginia counties served thus far.

Latest News

The Dangers of ‘Ghost’ Utilities

The dangers associated with ghost utilities are manifold. Their presence, undetected or inaccurately marked, raises the risk of accidental damage, leading to hazardous situations, service disruptions, and even life-threatening incidents.

Damage Prevention Act

The Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act is a law in Virginia that aims to prevent damage to underground utility lines during excavation or demolition activities.