Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) involves managing risks associated with utility mapping at appropriate quality levels, utility coordination, and utility relocation design and coordination. These utility risks are managed using designation and locating services to make sound engineering decisions.

Air or Hydro Vacuum Excavation (Locating/ Quality Level “A”)

Air vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging technique that employs high-pressure air to break up soil combined with a powerful vacuum system to safely remove the debris. The utility can be exposed, documented, and backfilled to grade using this technique. This method is particularly effective for excavating sensitive utility lines and underground infrastructure. Hydro vacuum excavation employs pressurized water to break up soil and a powerful vacuum system to remove the resulting slurry. This method is ideal for excavating in areas with heavy clay or densely compacted soil; however, backfilling to grade is not possible. Air/ Hydro excavation is considered the highest level of accuracy for SUE standards.

Utility Designating (Quality Level “B”)

Utility designating services employ innovative technology and experienced professionals to identify and mark underground utilities accurately. By utilizing advanced equipment such as ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic locators, Civil SUE Inc. ensures the precise horizontal surface marking of utility lines, cables, and pipes. This is considered the second highest level of accuracy for SUE standards.

Duct Rodder Tracing

Duct rodder tracing is a technique used to locate and trace underground utility conduits, ducts, and pipes. It involves inserting a fiberglass-coated copper wire into the non-metallic conduit or pipe. An EML frequency is applied to the wire, which emits signals that can be detected using receivers above ground to mark the horizontal position of the utility on the surface. This is a supplemental service to be performed while utility designating if needed.

Utility Field Sketch

A utility field sketch is a detailed drawing depicting underground utilities' layout and location. This service involves on-site data collection and analysis, resulting in a comprehensive visual representation of the utility infrastructure. This is a service that is performed on all utility designating projects to assist in the final survey.

Record Research (Quality Level “C/D”)

Record research is an important part of any “QLA” or “QLB” project, as this will give you the basis of any project scope or timeline. Civil SUE Inc. will call in a Miss Utility “design ticket” for the area of interest on the project. We will use that list of utility owners within the area to request electric, water, and gas records. Civil SUE Inc. will red-line any discrepancies in field data to record information and include this information in the final deliverable. This is a service that is performed on all projects.

GPS Locating and Mapping

Civil SUE Inc. will utilize their GNSS GPS base and rover survey equipment to provide the client with a measurable map depicting all traceable underground utilities within the client’s area of interest. This map can be tied into client-provided site control, or Civil SUE Inc. can establish control on-site if needed. The maps are provided in GIS format overlayed onto world imagery. The GIS map, including the raw data, is then provided to the client in the final deliverable.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Civil SUE Inc. will utilize our truck or trailer mounted water jet/ vacuum unit to produce 2000 PSI water at a rate of 80 gallon per minute, to clean and collect debris from inside the storm or sewer mains. Once the pipe has been cleaned, we will use an appropriately sized camera to inspect the pipe for any protrusions, cracks, roots, sagging, bowing, etc. Civil SUE Inc. will then provide the client with a report produced by a NASSCO Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) trained operator. The reports will include a color video of the inspection in DVD format, as well as PDF inspection reports generated by the video inspection software.


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